Additional Information

In my office at 28 Park Row in Chatham, NY I have a beautiful, quiet and peaceful room containing a massage table and equipment for hot stone massage. There I practice Swedish massage (with natural and organic oils), deep tissue massage, hand and foot massage, shiatsu,  and no-needle acupressure. I can also include relaxing, Yoga-related stretches which are part of Thai massage, as well as a variety of energy healing techniques such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. The client is always covered with a soft, white flannel sheet unless he or she chooses to remain fully clothed (100% cotton clothing is recommended for most effective touch or pressure therapy in clothed massage).

I also maintain office space in Philmont where I keep my massage table in a beautiful, spacious room in the chiropractic office of Dr. Teshna Beaulieu, within a beautiful, historic, Victorian building, located next to the Village Post Office. Often a client chooses to have a chiropractic session before or after having a massage session with me at this same location - it is so convenient as well as efficacious for my client to have the services of both of us in one day!

You may also have the convenience of having massage at your home. For that I usually charge a small, additional fee. I can bring my portable table to your home, for your massage, and perhaps also for your family members and friends.

If you have a special event at your office, I could bring my table  or massage chair to offer massage to you and the people you work with.  In my experience, the day becomes even more special and memorable for every person who receives 20 minutes (or longer) of my enjoyable, relaxing massage. 

I always invite the client to choose music from many Pandora stations that I bring with me, unless they wish to play their own music. Or I am happy to work without any music, if that is what my client prefers.

I schedule massages for Mondays - Saturdays, between 10 to 7, and only occasionally on Sundays. 

By appointment only.

This is my present schedule of charges for actual massage time in my office:
For instance, I charge $85 for 1 hour, $120 for 1 and 1/2 hours, $150 for 2 hours. 
There is a smal, additional charge for travel to your home or office - usually $30.
Clothed massage on my chair (or clothed massage on my table) for groups of people receiving less than half an hour each person generally costs $1/minute; people at an events at which I have offered massages have usually requested between 10 - 20 minutes for their individual session, with a few minutes between people; however, I rely on planning with the event organizer how long I should work with each person and how much it will cost. 

Gift Certificates are always available.  Remember, you can feel so much joy giving a special gift of a relaxing and/or therapeutic massage to someone you care for or love!  The individual or combined therapies that will be used may be selected by the client after a short discussion with me at the beginning of the session. Here is a list of some of the modalities I have studied and my work draws on:


  • Shiatsu
  • Acupressure
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology
  • Hot stone/warm oil massage
  • Thai yoga massage with stretching
  • Reiki and other healing energy therapies